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Episode #251: Simply Having a Wonderful Cargill Time (w/ C. Robert Cargill)

Yoga farts vis a vis yoga queefs. Plus, "Dr. Strange" screenwriter C. Robert Cargill joins us to discern derby girl names from drag queen names in a new quiz. Plus, his movie picks of the year and your emails to [email protected]

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Episode #250: The Equine Clam Party

It's episode 250 and we dive deep into literally buying celebrities. We also test Brian and Justin's objective quiz-taking abilities in "Ask the Experts." Plus, the actual, real, not-made-up plot to Second Act and your emails to [email protected]

Episode #249: I'm Still Hot--Kick Rocks! (w/ Jack Allison)

The news dump truck arrives to dump on Brian's brain. Plus, we're joined with Jack Allison from JackAM to play the classic game "Apologizes For." And your emails to [email protected]!

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