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Episode #326: Well Then, Maybe You Shouldn't

What's up y'all? Some very light spoiler-talk (very very light, calm down) about the Sopranos, Legion, The Wire, Devs, The Good Place, Avatar and more. Plus, a new monster battle tourney, "Monster Match: East Ghost-West Ghost Beef Burrito." Fuck to Godzilla's loveless marriage!

Episode #325: Shwoodler on the Roof

Brian's on the rooftops, click, click, click. Is a 30 year old sketch about gays progressive or retroactively cancelled? We ask a gay. Plus a new game, "Florida or NOrida?" Hoosier Daddy(TM, Bryce Castillo 2020)

Episode #324: Cheezers Beezers

We poke very gentle fun at our friend Matt Donnelly's performance in a 2010 film. What IS salvia? Plus, we're back with a special twist in "I Said WHAT?!: Bonnie or Bryce Edition."

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