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Episode #286: There Was...An Escalation

Things escalate in the Brushwood house. Well, not even in the Brushwood house! Plus, a new news game, "News6" and your (theft-y) emails to [email protected]. Frowning elbows!

Night Attack is performing at the Out of Bounds Festival in Austin, TX on August 27. Get tickets:

And see Justin at Dragon*Con in Atlanta, GA on August 31!

Episode #285: .69

Tales from DEF CON; wrinkled, grizzled, entirely-normal-looking genitalia; and a new game, "Spurious Correlation." Plus, your emails to [email protected]. SIXTY-NINE!

Night Attack is performing live at the Out of Bounds Comedy Festival August 27, 2019 in Austin, TX. Get your tickets or badges now at

Episode #284: Oh Hi, $45

Con season is among us--Brian and Justin are going to DEF CON and then Jurbs is at Dragon*Con being a boss. A new game about Cameo: Cameo or Came-Uh-Oh. Plus, your emails to [email protected]! *slide whistle noise*

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