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Episode #277: But It’s All Fine Now (w/ Andrew Heaton)

Andrew Heaton, now-formerly of What's Off with Andrew Heaton, is in Austin to talk getting fired and what's next. Plus, an educational trivia game, "Ridley's I Can't Believe It...Or Can I?" and your emails to [email protected]

Episode #276: Hair Today, Dog To-Mambo

The boys are back in town. Justin's pasta-venture in Italy. Dancing dog GIFs while Brian's hair falls out. It's time for another round of "Apologizes For." Don't say THOSE TWO WORDS.

Episode #275: Nice To Meet You (w/ Korey Coleman and Martin Thomas)

Korey and Martin from Double Toasted are finally back in-studio with Brian and Justin! They talk live shows, fights on public access TV, and a lot of good business talk. OR! OR! Apple cart!

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