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Episode #269: Pinkies Stay Clean

Brian had a lucky run with some unattractive chicken wings. Plus, a look back on the musical stylings of Cogswell in a new quiz and your emails to [email protected]. The Bananas of Pride!

Episode #268: The Working Man's Private Jet (w/ Andrew Mayne)

Brian, Justin, and Andrew Mayne are in Las Vegas to eulogize Johnny Thompson, a legendary magician. Plus, "Real or Fake: Fish Edition" and your emails to [email protected]

Episode #267: Nobody Watches Your Dumb Show, Dad (w/ Evan & Katelyn)

Brian and Bonnie re-enact a sitcom b-plot during a prom. Plus, we're joined with extraordinaires makers Evan & Katelyn to talk about being a YouTube couple and play a new round of "Apologizes For." And your emails to [email protected]

Check out Evan & Katelyn on YouTube at and look up their new podcast "Evan and Katelyn Podcast" on all podcast directories.

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