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Episode #294: The Virgin Vurp

All the hottest, sharpest insights from tonight's Democratic debate. Justin was given a shot--what did he do!!! Plus, a spooooky edition of the long-forgotten game "I Said What?!" Primary at Bernie's!

Episode #293: Bonnie's Bulk Wedding Emporium

Brevity is for c-words. Marking out trails on the new Seven Acre Shwood...or is it an old woman? Plus, a new bit/game: "Are You REALLY The Asshole?" Plus your emails on China and podcast reviews to [email protected]. It's a check-book-wedding!

Episode #292: For Your Cogsideration (w/ Wil Harris)

The OG Britto, Wil Harris, is back in-studio since his 2017 Nerdtacular appearance. We have a chance of a lifetime to win a...Grammy?!  But we need your help! Plus, a new round of News6, The News...That 6. Hey-Bossing a mountain!
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